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Digital dye-sublimation transfer printing technology and materials overview

A:Technical Overview
Digital dye-sublimation transfer printing enumerate the images though using digital camera or scanner and professional library, make Colorful and hierarchy images required by computer image processing and design, then print the image designed on the paper by inkjet printer with sublimation ink, and heat up the paper with printed paper on by Digital Baking Cup Machine、hotplate machines or Roost printing machine, after few minutes, the image will transfer on souvenir like China, t-shirt and so on.

B:Related supplies and equipment
Sublimation transfer paper
Divided according to the different composition:Normal transfer paper,T-shirt transfer paper.
Divided according to Printing media: a. Chenmical fiber, polyester, blended b. Cotton material c. Leather
Divided according to sheet thickness: a.105g  b.75g  c.60g
Divided according to Operating temperature: a. High temperature:185-230 b. Low temperature: lower than 180

The paper we supply is 100gsm Sublimation transfer paper, the whiteness is about 82, the widest is 1860M, Transfer rate is more than 93%, normal lenth is 100 meters, Special specifications can be customized, normal specification in the market is 1118,914,610 these three Specification. Transfer temperature is 200-210°, time is 15-20seconds, suit for the piezoelectric inkjet printer. The paper can transfer on Chemical fiber material like Dacron,speandex,ice silk, non-woven fabric, leica, Oxford cloth etc, and the cottonblend fabric its content not more than 30%, glass, leather, metal.

Normal inkjet printer:  Suit for all kind of Epson printer, the most important is its the piezoelectric print head.
Wide-format inkjet printer:  Epson 3000、4000、4000HS、7600、9600、10600; Roland、Mutoh、Bncad、Mimaki and so on.
Specification: A4/A3/A2, 21CM*100M, 42CM*100CM, 61CM*100M,91.4CM*100M, 111.8CM*100M, 132CM*100M, 160CM*100CM.
Mainly is sublimation ink, normal inkjet printer ink is also available, but transfer effect is worse. Sublimation ink is the key of the whole transfer printing technology.

C: Related questions
How to tell the paper transfer rate?
Among all the colors, the transfer rate of dark,red,blue etc. is lower, but our products can essential to meet customer needs, basicly can achieve the indicator of the Netherlands paper. Transfer rate depends on the ink residue on the paper.
The reason for low transfer rate

Firstly the choice of textile.

Secondly the suitable of ink, our paper basicly suit for all kind ink.

Thirdly the reason of temperature and machine, at present JV33 is good, the transfer effects of ROLAND 740K is not good.

The problem of sheet crimping
Crimping is mainly rub print head, effect the useful life of print head, and also is not convenient to cut the paper.

       ①The paper is affected with damp
        ②Air drying
        ③Affected by too much ink
        ④The back of paper is not coated.
        ⑤The widest the paper is, the easiest to crimp.

The paper incline to one side when printing
In the printing pricess, the paper incline to one side, the mainly reason is the coating of paper is nonuniform.
The highest is 1200*1440DPI.